Wednesday, September 24, 2014


EMP Static Crusher

Our EMP Static Crusher for reducing skim blocks into slabs of 1" thickness is fast being fabricated. Our manufacturer only needs to install the gearboxes and the motor. The prime mover will be used to power the two rollers.

Once all the components are installed, the crusher will be ready to be delivered to our Thai client.

Crushers can be used to reduce large rubber slabs into thinner slabs and dewater the rubber. They can be used as the primary pre-size reduction machine such as crushing embedded stones in the rubber slab and take out unwanted water as well.

If interested, please email us at

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Our African client has confirmed their order for the supply of Ethephon Plus latex stimulants, Gebung type rubber tapping knives, Upward cut tapping knives and sharpening stones.

Our company will be expediting the order from our long term client in Africa. This plantation group has been our customer for the past 20 years and we value their continuous support in ordering our products.

Plantation companies interested in our products can always email us at

EMP Skim Block Wet Process Line Electrical Panel being manufactured

All our EMP Wet Process line for skim block production are being painted before delivery. Our company is now fabricating the Process line Electrical Panel. Our mimic diagram is ready to be mounted onto the electrical panel before it is tested.

Once tested, the panel will be wrapped in plastic and crated before delivery.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our EMP Wet Processing line is being painted before delivery to our Thai client. They came to inspect the machinery recently and decided on the colours. Bright colour to be painted on all guards while metallic blue for machinery against acidic environment.

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