Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our Tourism Melaka website at, has exceeded 750,000 visitors to date. Tourism Melaka website is sponsored by EMP Group of Companies to promote Melaka which is the home state of our company.

This web portal site was created to promote Melaka which is a UNESCO World Heritage City since 2008. We began the site in 2001 and we are receiving about 500 to 600 visitors daily. This figure keeps on growing during long school holidays, festive seasons and public holidays.

Surprisingly, Tourism Melaka website is also quite popular with Chinese visitors from China. This can be due to the long history of Melaka in relation to China which began in 1400s.

Zheng He, the famous Chinese navigator during the Ming Dynasty had visited Melaka a number of times i.e. during his voyages to the Western Seas. This has probably led to Melaka being known to the Chinese population.

In 2007, the life story of Zheng He was undertaken in a 156 episodes of 1 hour each and shown on Chinese television channels. It was reported that the TV show received a huge audience and following in China.

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