Thursday, March 29, 2012


Our Trading Division has been receiving new orders and repeat orders for our range of Ethephon Plus Latex stimulants over these few weeks.

Moreover, new enquiries and new sample orders are also being placed by our new buyers of our Ethephon Plus products.

Our Ethephon Plus products have been proven to be effective and reliable in increasing rubber trees yield without any harmful effect to the trees. It has been reported some Ethephon products manufactured by an Asian country were priced very low. However, some buyers of these products found that they are not effective and inconsistent. They have came back to us for our products instead.

Please be reminded that pricing of any product CANNOT be the sole reason to buy the competitor product unless they have been proven and field tested over the years. Moreover, the normal fertilizer application regime must be followed and used in tandem with the application of latex stimulants.

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