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31st. May 2012

EMP Projects and Engineering Division submitted our 2mt/hr EMP Dry Rubber Blending system to our potential customer today.

The EMP Dry Rubber Blending line comprises of Initial EMP Dry Processor, Final EMP Dry Processor, EMP Cooling Tunnel, Conveying system, EMP 60 tonnes Moving Chamber Automatic Rubber Baling Press and a Sartorius Metal Detecting system. This line is the state of the art for our EMP Dry Blending system.

Our proposal included technical specifications of the said machinery.

If successful, the complete line will be delivered by end 2012 or by early 2013.

For details, email us at

Our Projects and Engineering Division has been requested to submit our proposal for a 2mt/hr EMP Dry Rubber Blending line to a plantation rubber factory in Sri Lanka.

They want to blend their off grades of rubber into TSR bales.

As our company specialises in the fabrication and export of our EMP Dry Rubber Processing lines, we are keen to be able to secure this potential order. Our company has already supplied our Dry Process lines of capacities of 1mt/hr to 5mt/hr.

Depending on the configuration and application of our systems, they can be used to blend compound rubber masterbatches as well or to increase the capacity of TSR processing lines.

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