Wednesday, October 17, 2012


17th. October 2012

Our Managing Director will be investing in a home Solar Photovoltaic power generating system for 3.91kWp in our effort in generating power from the sun and reducing our carbon emission footprint.

By installing this Solar PV system, we will be feeding our electrical power to TNB grid and will be paid by TNB monthly based on our electrical power generation from the sun.

From our financial calculations, the amount of electrical power generated and the current FiT rates by TNB, the system is self-financing and the breakeven point is about 11-12 years based on an overdraft financing scheme.

On average, we expect an annual return of 10-12 per cent per annum from the investment for the next 21 years. Certainly, the return is better than having the money invested in FD of local banks.

Other benefits from installing this Solar PV power generating system besides the monetary benefit include a cooler roof and a smaller carbon emission foot print.

At the same time, we can add-value to our home. We also want to reduce our electrical power consumption by using energy saving devices such as inverter fridges, inverter air-conditioners, LED lights and a hot water recovery system for our showers.

The other major contributor to carbon emission is from our transport eg. our use of our cars by burning our petrol. This is another target area to look into.

If all goes well, our company may venture into such green technologies in the future.

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