Thursday, November 1, 2012


1st. November 2012

Our Managing Director, Mr.TW Kang who has 30 years of experience in designing, supervision of installation and commissioning of Technically Specified Rubber processing systems, has recently sold an ebook on "TSR 20 Rubber Processing" to an interested investor in Brazil.

The ebook was transmitted to our client via the Internet and payment was made to us via PayPal.

In 2010, during the boom years of rubber prices and an upsurge of companies interested in the setting up of rubber factories around the world, we also sold an ebook to a financier in Hong Kong who wanted to know about the production of Technical Specified rubber.

Hopefully, before our Managing Director retires, he will be able to publish a comprehensive ebook on rubber processing so that the ebook can be sold to investors, processors and factory owners as a guide and as a reference for future generations who are interested in this processing industry. Your comments will be appreciated.

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