Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Consortium of Institutes on Family in the Asian Region

Mr. T K. Kang
lst Floor, 14A Jalan Pandan Indah4lS;
55 100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8th. April,2016

Dear Mr. Kang,

Wofoo Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-being (3A Project) 2016 - Second Round

Congratulation! Your project 'Digital Learning & Education Asli Project (dLEAp)" has been short-listed to enter into the second round competition!

You may like to note that we have received very encouraging response, with a total submission of 36 projects from 6 countries/regions.

Having gone through the challenging process of vetting these of projects by the Screening Committee, l6 outstanding projects have ultimately been shortlisted for second round competition.

As required (see the attached guideline), you are requested to submit the 5000 words project  description in English to the CIFA Secretariat either by mail or courier not later than 5:00pm on
30 May, 2016 (according to postal chop date).

An interview will be arranged either on 14 or 15  July, ,2016, in person or via tele/vide,o conferencing for clarification and elaboration of the entries before 8 projects will be selected to ertter into the Final Round Adjudication.

Detail of the interview will be confirmed in due course.

You may like to note that each of the 8 finalist teams will be
required to submit an audio-visual presentation of their project upon further notice.

CIFA is planning to produce a Brochure/DVD to highlight all the projects short-listed for the  second.round adjudication.

In this context, you are requested to forward your agency logo, and a synoprsis of 300 words as spelt out in the guideline on or before 10 June, 2016 to CIFA Secretariat.

In order to facilitate your preparation of the second round submission and the Interview Session, a ""Resource Person" has been assigned to your organization to provide support with immediate effect.

Should you have any enquiries, you are welcome to contact her.

Name of Resource Person: Ms. Monica Ng
Contarct no.: (852)9306 8146
E-mail address:

Once again, thank you for your interest and participation in this regional initiative and we look  forward to your full support and contribution in this meaningful endeavor.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia CHU

" Converging Profession al Wisdom for Family Well-Being!'
Tel: (852) 2859 5300 lia:r: (852) 2559 l8l3 Email:
6/F Tsan Yuk Hospital, 30 Hospital Road, Hong Kong

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