Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Industrial Glue after being coagulated with our Eco-friendly,non-acidic Powder

Recently, our company has found a new application for our Eco-friendly coagulating powder.

Industrial Applications for Coagulating Powder

An industrial firm was looking for an eco-friendly coagulation medium to coagulate their waste glue before disposing them as scheduled waste. They did not want to use an acidic medium as it is environmentally un-friendly and is difficult to handle as it is corrosive.

They found us on the Internet and we offered our coagulation powder for their trials. After trying out our powder, they found it was able to coagulate their glue to their satisfaction.

Currently, they have placed an order with us on this powder and intend to do so on a monthly basis.

With this breakthrough, it is now possible to use our eco-friendly coagulating powder to coagulate natural rubber latex-based glue and synthetic rubber latex-based glue.

Though currently it is being used to coagulate the glue into coagulum before they are dumped as Schedule wastes, we intend to find out if these coagulum can be recovered for their natural or synthetic rubber.

If this can be done, we can reclaim the huge amount of rubber (NR and Synthetic) for re-use world-wide.

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